Who are we?

Based near Bath, we are a company registered in England who specialises in providing environmental consultancy services to companies large and small. We have been going since 2007 and are experienced in handling a broad range of sustainability services for our clients.

An experienced global team of administrators, carbon accountants, advisors and sustainability consultants from the UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia, we continue to work with clients from different industries whose value chains can extend to many international territories.

If we want to make the deadlines proposed by the Paris Agreement and the UNEP’s Sustainable Development Goals, every company must revisit and evaluate their strategy and at Carbon Managers we can help streamline this vital process step by step.

Help us learn more about where you are on your sustainability journey by making an enquiry. One of our team will then get in touch promptly to schedule a virtual meeting to establish goals and quote for services.

From the Managing Director

“Abrupt Climate Change from Global Warming caused by excessive GHG emissions is taking place today all around the world… it is now up to the private sector to respond to the science and the public demand for more sustainable practices. Businesses should lead the way in this crucial transition to a low carbon economy in order to drive down harmful Greenhouse Gas emissions and limit Global Warming. We must act now to prevent the worst case scenarios outlined in the IPCC special reports. 2020-2030 is the most important decade for climate action there will ever be. Is sustainability at the core of your business?”

William Thomas - 10th June 2022

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